Nicaragua Overnight

Nicaragua Overnight

Granada Sleepover

Extend your stay in beautiful Granada and really get to know it. Wander on down to the pedestrian walkway called “Calle Calzado” and partake in one or more of the many cafes, restaurants and bars. Go right into some of the colonial buildings like the Casa de Leons (House of Lions) and be awed at the large central courtyards they had back in the day. Take a city tour on a horse drawn carriage down to the lake and through the park. You’ll love Granada and all it has to offer.

You will participate in the day tour with the rest of your group visiting all of the hot spots. Later in the afternoon when the tour is ready to begin the return to Costa Rica, you will be dropped at the hotel and will have all evening and the next morning to yourself to explore beautiful Granada. The next afternoon, after the day tour, you will be picked up at the hotel and you’ll return to Costa Rica.

This overnight tour can easily be changed to 2 or 3 nights in Granada. Anything is possible; just ask.

The Itinerary

We started the day with delicious breakfast in the town of Guardia in Guanacaste, Costa Rica and then we head for the border. At the border the team will expedite the passport stamping process. Meanwhile you have time to check out the duty free shops where you will find electronic items, clothing, liquor and other duty free products.

As we just starting entering Nicaragua we make a short stop at the edge of the Great Lake of Nicaragua where you can take beautiful photographs of the world's largest island in a freshwater lake, the island of Ometepe. We continue our journey towards the city of Granada where we will visit a cigar maker and the church of La Merced and you can climb the tower where you will have a panoramic view of the city. We will meander through the city center where you can see the different , and very old colonial style buildings.

Our journey continues to the shore of Lake Nicaragua. There are over 30 islands scattered offshore. We’ll take a boat to tour some of these beautiful islands. After the island tour, we continue to the majestic crater of the Masaya volcano. This volcano is fully active and there are gases emanating from the crater to form an impressive cloud in the sky and when it is clear you can see the fire in the centre of the crater.

We then head down to the city of Masaya, where we enjoy a hearty lunch and then visit the craft market in the city.

Overnight tour people will be dropped at the hotel while the rest of the tour group heads back to Costa Rica.


Things to Know

~ Departure: 4:30 a.m. from Tamarindo
~ Return Time: Approximately 8:30 pm the next evening
~ What to Wear: Comfortable Clothing and Footwear
~ What to Bring: Hat, Sunscreen, Camera

Not Included: Tips for guide

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Border Crossing Fees, Activity Entrance Fees, English Speaking Guide, hotel with breakfast

Note: This tour is conducted through a trusted 3rd party, not by Xplore Costa Rica

Special Requirement: Bring your original passport (no copies) and proof of departure out of Costa Rica (airplane itinerary)


1 Night: $315 per person

2 Nights: $375 per person

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